• About the Blacksmith

Thank you for your interest in my knives. I've been a farrier since 1974, with experience from draft horses to dressage - and everything in between - with a special emphasis on lameness cases.

 Neal Baggett at the forge


For many years I've been a student of "using knives" and how a blade works. I've made my own hoof knives for fifteen years and have been releasing them to the public under my maker's mark for the past seven years.

I've been fortunate throughout this endeavor to have been associated with many fellow farriers, bladesmiths, and veterinarians who have enabled me to perfect my designs and offer the maximum in usability for the trade.

The shoeing world and the blade-design world have one thing in common: Learning and improvement is an ongoing process. If you'd like to have your own blade or tool ideas produced, we welcome your ideas and thoughts.

Thank you again!
Neal Baggett